D. F. Weeks.Biology and Eugenics. O—r-® >g j[2 d)(l)(N) (N] 006^) [6] a a — a 4 1 2 3Case 2601. Fig. 11.—The father of the principal fraternity is alcoholic and the mother epileptic. Nothing is known about the father’s relatives. The mother had an epileptic nephew and two alcoholic brothers. The one epileptic and two feeble-minded children from this union would seem to indicate that the mating was of the type nulliplex by nulliplex, rather than simplex by nulliplex. E, epileptic; F, feeble-minded; I, insane; T, tubercular; P, paralytic. In these matings of the type nulliplex x simplex, we should expect 50% nulliplex, that is, epileptic or feeble-minded, and 50% simplex, that is, apparently normal or showing only some slight defect. We have, however, 61% nulliplex, 39% simplex, the increase over the expectation being probably due to the fact that the alcoholic parent was also mentally defective, or that the alcoholism may, through the poisoning of the germ cells, be a contri­ buting cause of epilepsy. In addition to the above there were six matings where one parent was insane and the other alcoholic. Of the 29 conceptions, nine died in infancy, Case 825. Fig. 12.—This chart again illustrates the source of almshouse inmates. The epileptic woman, who descended from a feeble-minded mother and a worthless father, has spent a large part of her life in the almshouse, and all of her children have been inmates. No two of them have the same father. One is by a negro, two died in infancy, one, of whom little is known, died at 18 years of age. Of the others, two are feeble-minded, one, whose father was criminalistic, is an epileptic imbecile and a patient at the New Jersey State Village for Epileptics. E, epileptic; F, feeble­ minded; A, alcoholic; Sx, sexually immoral; S, syphilis; C, criminalistic; d, died; b, born.©---r—T) a.0 0 0. a